Business Classified Portals

Tech Hive has a in-house team to develop these business classified portals and we use the latest web technologies of PHP, Java, MySQL and open source solutions for the development.

The term Classifieds refers to a telephone directory of businesses, categorized according to the product or service provided. As the name suggests, such directories were originally printed on yellow paper, as opposed to white pages for non-commercial listings. The traditional term Classifieds is now also applied to online directories of businesses. Tech Hive has a team of experts to accomplish solid business classifieds portal development solutions for various business needs. The business Classifieds Portals are the organized directories where all kinds of the companies wish to come and get listed. These business portals have become the perfect place to fetch information of desired products, services and solutions.

Business Classified Features:

  1. Facilities for Catalogue Management and Listings
  2. Joomla or Drupal Content Management Customization
  3. Marketing Strategies for Home Page
  4. Third Party Integrations
  5. Online Promotion based on Categories and Membership
  6. Range of packages to choose based on your business requirement