Restaurant Portal

With increase of internet usage, restaurants too have a reason to go online. Employing websites, not only can restaurants attract fresh customers, but can also deliver them services at their doorsteps.

Restaurant Portal Development is a multi-dimensional motion, which involves proficiency at almost every level. Good Restaurant Portal Development Services involve a suitable combination of design and content in concurrence with other services offered to the user. Restaurant Portal Development has revolutionized the way business is done and restaurant today need to publish real-time information on products, services, applications and processes on the Internet in order to reach out to huge online markets. C.S Technologies with its highly experienced team has been able to develop intuitive and interactive restaurant solutions both for mobile and computer platforms. Whether it is a web based solution or a client-server model, we are well equipped to fulfill all needs. We have experience of building advanced features like booking calendar, layout editor for table arrangement, visual sitting arrangement etc.

Restaurant Portal Features:

  1. Restaurant Point of Sale
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Employee Management
  4. Customer Management
  5. Booking Section
  6. Seat Arrangement
  7. Reports