Social Media

Needs for Social Media Web Development by small and large organizations is increasing incredibly due to its immense popularity, huge acceptance by target users and ease of use. More businesses have started including social media in their business strategies and to increase client engagements.

Social Networking Portals are the platforms where people can interact with each other virtually irrespective of time. The community portals are not only for individuals these days but have advanced to become business platforms where entrepreneurs or organization from the same business can interact to perform business transactions (buying and selling). Tech Hive offers innovative Social Media Web Development services utilizing novel concepts to create social networking sites and applications, which differentiate you as a leader of your industry.Our team of professional developers are proficient in designing and developing secure, reliable, highly advanced, and user friendly social networking websites.

Social Media Features

  1. Registration
  2. Profiles
  3. Photo Galleries
  4. Music Galleries
  5. Video Galleries
  6. Event Calendars
  7. Forums
  8. Maps