Job portals are typically job boards or company websites with career sections. Thus more and more organizations today are dependant more on the Job Portals for acquiring the right persons while the numbers of Job-Seekers turning to this online means as the web portals are becoming popular these days than other means of applying for the jobs.

Job portal means a website, which is specifically designed to allow employees and employers to post the job related requirements. It helps the potential employee to locate and fill up the job application or put forward their resumes over the Internet for the advertised-post. The biggest plus point of job web site is that it allows free registration, and it works as a bridge between the employers and employees. It gives the company, the liberty to choose the ideal candidate from the resume database. Another advantage of it is that job seekers can avoid certain companies or employers by simply blacklisting them to see their profile. There are certain things, which makes job portal an ideal place for hiring process, like job seekers resume database access, resume look tools , job posting/long-term existence of job posts, sufficient/unlimited/customized space for job description and other details, mass mailing to short-listed candidates, confidential job posting (employers details not mentioned, if requested), quick response from the job seekers, cost effective hiring process, etc

Job Portal Features:

  1. Facilities for a easy Search of Job
  2. Complete database on registrations, approvals and deletions
  3. Send Email
  4. Resume Management – From creation to approval
  5. Manage different Job Categories easily
  6. Forums
  7. Live Chat